It’s Been A While (Again)…

Sorry for the lack of posts and music…(who am I apologizing too?), but its the same old excuse/reason…I try to do to much and something always takes the back seat. Or maybe its I’m bored and I spend way to much time on social netowrking sites. I will tell you its a combonation of both. 

My mind is tired and frustrated. Fatherhood, spanish class, diet, photography, baseball (playing and coaching), instruments, guitar, getting a workout in, cooking my plant-based dishes, and being a family man. It can be done, I need to set the priorities again. 

I’ve cut back on my TV watching, whic has helped immensley, but…no more excuses. 

I am writing music but nothing is getting finished. 

How can he do it? How can he do it?

The Death of Robin Williams

I’m saddened to hear about the death of actor and comedian Robin Williams. I’m even more upset about the fact it is an apparent suicide. Here was a very successful entertainer who could not find the peace of mind to battle his hidden demons inside. Yes it can be considered a selfish act, but for those of us who have battled depression, we don’t see it that way. The empty feeling of loneliness seems forever and whoever we are with just can’t fill that deep black hole.

Sometimes getting out of bed seems meaningless, so we stay underneath the covers with weight lingering in our eyes. Drugs make us feel good, but the mask is only temporary.

I don’t know what Mr. Williams was feeling, and during these times there are always more questions than answers. I send my prayers out to his family and to Mr. Williams to find peace and happiness in the next life.

Back on the Diamond

I played my first baseball game since 1999. It was a lot of fun, especially since my wife and my son have never seen me play, even though I played until I was 24 or 25 (I cannot recall). Below are a couple of photos, and a video of my first at-bat. The reason I am posting the video is because to hear the excitement and surprised reaction in my son’s voice as he sees me hit for the very first time, made me proud and emotional, as well as the photo that shows him sitting in the front row by himself watching me hit.