Catching Up and Letting Go

A great weekend going. Finding things and letting go, finding space and soon time. Creating a path for the new. Its been good, preparing for the next steps. Always moving forward, even if having to pause or taking a step back to recoup.

Played the guitar last night just plucking and strumming away to dust the cobwebs off. Only goal was to feel, and it felt great, now I’m ready for release. Consistency is key. No longer reaching for the prize, now its reaching for the next step. Development and spirituality. How can I consistenly be becoming? How great can I be? Who can I inspire?

Every day is a new day, every minute is a new minute. The true challenge is within.

Meditative (Old) Ritual


I use to spend every available minute I had hitting baseballs in my teen years and early twenties. When my son started playing t-ball I got the itch to play again. A friend of mine has a team that I play on, and it’s been a lot of fun playing baseball after 15 years of not picking up a bat and ball.

Now hitting off the tee has been very meditative for me: place ball on tee, stance, breathe, eye on the ball, breathe, swing, breathe, repeat…

Any creative endeavor is channeled, whether it be music or art or theoretical science. We have the capacity to tune in to energies and to convert them into reality for ourselves.

- Frank Alper

Thanksgiving Dinner

GuiltySouls.Thanksgiving Dinner

With me being a vegan, I have to come up with a dish for me to eat during Thanksgiving. I found a great rice recipe at It contained wild and brown rice, kale, onions, mushrooms, dried figs, pomegranite seeds, and goji berries. It was pretty amazing and easy to make. A favorite with the family.

My Review of Louisville Slugger M9 Maple Wood Baseball Bat

Originally submitted at Baseball Express

Louisville Slugger M9 Maple Wood Baseball Bat

M9 Maple
The M9 series is constructed using professional-grade, handpicked maple. Maple stands out as a dense timber with greater surface hardness than ash, leading many players to believe it gives them a siza…

Excellent bat!

By Jude from Anaheim, CA on 11/27/2014


5out of 5

Pros: Good Grip, Great Pop, Well Balanced, Large Sweet Spot

Best Uses: Homeruns, Baseball, Games

Describe Yourself: Competitive Athlete

Was this a gift?: No

I use this bat in an adult men’s league, after using my 15 year old ash bats. The reason I bought this bat is because of 1) the balance and 2) the handle. I do not like top-heavy bats or thin handles and this was the best of the Louisville Sluggers for my preferences. The barrel is a perfect size and a great upgrade from the old P72s and C271s I used to use.

I used this for the first time in a game and it was perfect. I will be getting another one.

I am gap-line drive-hitter with some power.