Creativity loves speed. Slow and tedious labor kills creativity faster than anything. Set a clear objective and move quickly towards completion. – Graham English

Learnings of the Day

Changes – You want to get better? Find what it is you need to change about you or your environment to get where you need to be. Search your soul, find the clues, and ask people closest to you. It starts with you. On the other hand, some people don’t want to change, they are comfortable regardless the feedback they recieive. That feedback can be anything from a one on one conversation or history repeating itself. They fear change and accept things the way are. Imagine the conflict that comes with souls trying to go one way and the other unmoveable. Things will change, but only when there is a willingness behind it.

Be the Best You Can Be – Always do the best you can do, even if you do not enjoy the task at hand. If you do your best, there are no regrets. So many people hold back afraid of judgement, taking a loss, or fear of realizing maybe they are not as talented as they hope. But talent can only take you so far, most people will judge because they are too afraid to try what you do, and a it is only considered a loss if you quit or not learn from the mistake. Do it, let it out, everyday you get better. Do the best you can with what you got at this moment, tomorrow you will be better.

Learnings of the Day

Let Go – you have to let go of things out of your control. You can only control you and you alone. Let it all go to find that place you know and belong. Where the universe speaks to you and where you are all you need. Breathe in, breathe out. You can and you will, you must. Learn to trust your intuition, it is waiting for you to listen. Let go and BE.

Slow Down – everything moves so quickly all around us, our minds try to play catch up, then our bodies…and the day is gone. Its good to slow down and observe. Again, take a breath. Allow your senses to take in the beauty that surrounds. There is always something…a butterfly, the wind, a melody, the sky…look, smell, feel…its all there. What is it that they say? Sometimes we need to stop and smell the….

Learnings of the Day

People Are Going to Lie – yep it’s true. It’s a fact of life. People will lie to your face, this includes the people closest to you. The best thing to do is to not take it personally. We need to do our best to understand people lie for many reasons, one of them is fear. Fear of the consequence, fear of facing the truth, fear of letting others down…you get it. It may feel as if someone is trying to pull a fast one over you, they are, but more so to save themselves.

If You Want To Get Better You Have To Push Your Limits – we are capable of much more than we believe. We have to test our limits and push ourselves to reach the next level. It may hurt, burn, and freak us out, but if we want new results we need to reach further.