One for Jude…

Back in July 2008, I couldn’t re-new one of my domain names that I own,, due to lack of funds. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed. I am sure that a lot of you can tell that I am embracing the “Listen To Echoes” tag-line for my music and my art. When I did have the funds to re-new, the domain provider informed me it was to late to pay the regular fee, but I would have to pay a late fee and on top of that, another fee because the domain was back in the database and it would have to be taken out, the total came out to $155 for a one year renewal. Of course I refused. I continued to search for daily on domain selling sites with no luck. Until Friday morning!!!

I was able to buy (again) for $21 which gives me the ownership for 3 years. From $35 a year to $155 a year down to $7 a year! I got lucky on this one. Such a great feeling.

Well I am working on the website and looking forward to a new site up by mid-February. Talk to you soon. Thanks for reading.

Peace and Happiness


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