We Got Stickers…

I finally ordered stickers for promotional purposes and to hopefully make a few dollars as well. I decided it was time for it, after many months of debate. I found a great place to order them from, through Myspace and the company is called Second Encore (www.secondencore.com). It is a fairly simple process, just download the template, insert your artwork and wah-la, it is done. I had to go through different phases with the sticker. Some of the designs would not work, you can see them here:




The last design came out great and that is what I stuck with. I am very happy with them. Currently they are only available at the shows or if we run into each other. But if you would like to order one, contact me and we’ll work something out. Talk to you all soon.


One comment

  1. Just wanted to point out that you don’t have a link here to your twitter (nor on your twitter bio to your website). You’ll get more followers by linking every thing and allowing twitters the opportunity to direct message you and get responses. Connection and exposure is everything.

    Great music btw.

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