Lyric Writing…

I have the hardest time writing lyrics, and I am not sure how to overcome this insecurity. I hear about songwriters writing songs daily and even weekly, and it concerns me that I can’t do that. All because of the lyrics. It can take me up to a year or more to finish writing a song because I can’t finish the lyrics.

I try to figure out what it is, but I am not sure. Maybe I am afraid that no one will understand, or I just don’t have much to say. I do get scared that my feelings have become numb because of everything that I have experienced and what I am trying to say really has no meaning. I still feel that I am a sensitive person, and I empathize with most people that I come across but I am not sure why I cannot express myself completely with my lyrics.

I have seen a few books that assist songwriters with writing lyrics, but when I flip through them, it looks like the books are targeting the pop songwriters for commercial success. Though I would love commercial success, I am afraid that I will start following a formula when I should be following my instinct.

I know I should be writing everyday for at least 15 minutes a day. That is easy, but then I start thinking about what perfect word I should use, or how clever I should make the lines, or what words should rhyme together, my mind starts to break everything down and starts to judge.

Just like now…


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