Are you willing to starve?

I was watching a special on Tchaivosky and how he was infatuated with music. His parents were against it and his professors were too. He happened to meet a very well established and respected music teacher whom he told that he wanted to be a musician. The teacher asked him, “Are you willing to starve for your music?”

My mind was blown to bits when I heard that. It completely changed my view on what needs to be done and accomplished in order to meet one’s dreams. I know there are sacrifices one has to make, but for me, the word ‘starve’ really took it to another level for me. What things am I willing to give up to improve my skills as a musician, singer, songwriter, and entertainer? What must I do to improve? I see that I must sacrifice much in order to move forward, and it really excites me. It starts a new challenge to test myself and to see how strong my willpower will be in order to get closer to my goals. I am ready to starve to feed my soul.


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