Chapter and Verse II: Beautiful Muse

Beautiful Muse (Free Download Here)
Written by Jude Hernandez
Produced by Lior Goldenberg and Jude Hernandez
Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards – Jude Hernandez
Bass – Michael Sattin
Drums – Reuben Bolieu

I wrote this in one night while I was living in Downtown Fullerton. I was watching television and playing the A chord to the D chord over and over again. I then began singing “Don’t look down my son you’ve got beautiful eyes, show them off to the world they’re so deep inside.” The lyrics just came to me all in one breath. I put the guitar on my bed and immediately wrote the lyrics down afraid I might forget them. I am not sure where the lyrics came from; part of me feels like that a higher power (God) was talking to me. Notice that the lyrics started off as “Don’t look down my SON.” Well I didn’t have any children at the time when this was written so I switched it too “Don’t look down my ONE.”

This song is not written for anyone in particular, I actually feel that this song was written for me by a Higher Power, and I was the one that was channeling it out. When Beautiful Muse was written, I was going through some tough times, and I needed reassurance from someone or something to get me out of the funk I was in and this song was a huge boost. After the song was completed I knew I had something special and I really started to focus on my songwriting and singing abilities.

Many people ask me about the lyric, “I’ll save you from scary clowns.” Well when my youngest sister, Alexis, was 2 years old she painted this ceramic clown bank. She was using any color of paint that my mom would give her and she was painting without any thought or organization. Most two year olds wouldn’t, right? So it does look pretty scary to say the least. I always kept the clown with me and it was in my room on a shelf in plain view. One day a friend of mine came over and when she walked into my room she saw the clown and immediately freaked out. She turned her back to the clown and made me hide it somewhere. She actually started shaking. It was sort of funny to me. She told me since childhood she has always been afraid of clowns. I’ve always been too. The clown bank freaks out many people when they see it; they stare at it for a few seconds with a concerned look on their face. I guess trying to figure out what in heaven it really is. When some people talk to me about the song they tell me that it is one of their favorite lines, because they too recall a time when they were afraid of “scary clowns.”

When I finished this song I really wanted to play it for people. I needed to hear feedback from other artists. I heard about a coffee shop in LA (on the corner of Vine and Fountain called Bliss Art Café) that had an open mic for singer-songwriters on Monday nights. I decided to go and perform Beautiful Muse in front of other artists. I was not use to playing in front of crowds; this would have been only the third time in my life that I had performed in front of strangers. There were about 30 people packed in this small little room, while I was performing I had my eyes completely shut and every time I tried to open them, my legs started to violently shake. After I performed the song the crowd gave me a standing ovation and a few people approached me to hug me and tell me that the song was beautiful and had hit them in their hearts. One grown man even had tears in his eyes. I left the café with a new direction in my life.

If someone were to ask me to describe this song in ten words or less: Always being there for someone you truly love

Free download next week: Liars and Thieves


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