Daily Re-Cap – 5/18

Went into the rehearsal studio today to work on new material.  I have been working on a new song called “Echoes Fade” which can be a little difficult to play and sing at the same time.  The guitar is arpeggio with a lot of finger movement.  I do like the song, good lyrics and a great melody.  I am hoping the band can play it soon at a show.

I also began on a song that I have had in my head for quite a while.  I have decided to call it “A Call To Arms.”  A lullaby to dedicated to my babies.  I look forward when this song is finished, I can tell it will be one of my favorites.  Unfortunately, two hours is not enough to accomplish a lot when creating music and writing songs.  Will need to continue on the songs tomorrow.

I just read that I am a featured artist on http://www.showcase.com.  Such a great way to end the day.  Going home to the wife and baby Jude.  Take care.

Peace and Happiness



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