Chapter and Verse III: Liars and Thieves

Liars and Thieves: (Free Download Here)
Written by Jude Hernandez
Produced by Lior Goldenberg and Jude Hernandez
Vocals, Guitars – Jude Hernandez
Lead Guitar – Bryan “BT” Tanori
Bass – Cristian Hernandez
Drums – Reuben Bolieu

I was angry with someone when I wrote this song, just not sure who anymore.  Probably more about upset at the situation more than anything else.   The lyric, “You want my time, but forget that I exist,” is the heart of the song.  When you sacrifice a lot for someone, because they want to build a relationship with you, but then they can’t give the same on their end.  It’s just a lot of immature games.  I’ve been through that many times, and I’m sure I’ve been guilty of it as well.

This was written fairly quickly on my acoustic guitar.  I experimented by dropping both E strings down to D.  I kept playing the riff over and over again and a melody popped into my head and I went with it.  This was a fun song to structure, and the ending (starting at 3:49) is by far my favorite part.  When Rueben and I were working out the drum parts for the end of the song we really wanted something different that would draw the listener in and have them playing it over and over again.   The drum fills that come in at 4:02 Reuben did were just genius, he makes it sound so easy.  I have yet to play with a drummer that can emulate what he did for the outro of the song.

If someone were to ask me to describe this song in ten words or less: Being fed up with selfish people

Next weeks free download: the Heroine


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