Chapter and Verse V: Weightless

Weightless (Free Download Here)
Written by: Jude Hernandez
Produced by Lior Goldenberg and Jude Hernandez
Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards: Jude Hernandez
Bass: Cristian Hernandez
Drums: Rueben Bolieu

I wish this wasn’t true, but Weightless is based on a true story.  Someone very close to me, there were letters found in her dresser drawer explaining that she didn’t want to live anymore that she was going to use pills to “complete” the job.  So that is where the first verse came from. And the rest of the verses were written very easy.  My heart was just pouring out.  But the chorus did come to me first.

I was playing my guitar one night (if you notice writing comes much easier to me at night, I am not sure why but I do feel much more at ease at night) and I started singing, “I am weightless you can see my ribs through my skin.”  Started off as a joke really, something very silly.  I was really devoted to baseball up until age 24 so when I wasn’t on the baseball field I was in the gym working out.  When I stopped playing I didn’t devote time to gym like I use to so I lost a lot of weight and people that I knew from my baseball era would tell me that I am getting to skinny and losing too much weight, almost looking sick they would tell me.

I knew the melody was great and I continued on the chorus with the verses and it matched perfectly.   You know, when you really care and truly love someone it doesn’t matter how much baggage they have or the burden they think they have, you will to be there for them.  Hence that is how the “Weightless” fit in.  Sometimes trying to be funny or writing with a jokey head can lead to great lyrics.

For the solo I was happy with using the riff and keyboards that is played through out the chorus.  Lior refused and told me that there has to be a solo, but I wasn’t sure because the song is so mellow and I didn’t want anything to take away from it.  He insisted that there be a solo and make sure that the guitar takes the song to a whole new level.   That night I went home and wasn’t feeling confident enough that I can come up with anything for the solo.  I am not a lead guitarist and writing solo’s is beyond me.  So I decided to take my E-Bow out and utilize that for the solo since at the time I was, and still am, very influenced by the Icelandic band “Sigur Ros.”  I came up with the solo, using a lot of reverb and delay, that night and recorded it during our next session.  I am very proud of the solo, nothing to fancy but it works, and it is my favorite part of the song, not counting the lyrics of course.  It’s interesting to me that a lot of the songs on the album, some of the best bits are at the end of the songs, I hope that people listen to the song in its entirety.

Many musicians and music producers have shared with me that they feel this is the best song on the album; storyline, structure, lyrics, and production.  I don’t disagree with them, it probably is the best, it just unfortunate that doesn’t get enough attention, I don’t play it during live shows, I don’t think I’ve played it live during my solo acoustic shows.  I hope down the line as time goes on that it gets the attention it truly deserves.

If someone were to ask me to describe this song in ten words or less: Based on a true story.


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