Chapter and Verse VI: Pearly Gates

Pearly Gates (Free Download Here)
Written by Jude Hernandez
Produced by Lior Goldenberg and Jude Hernandez
Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards – Jude Hernandez
Bass – Michael Satten
Drums – Reuben Bolieu

The bass line in this song is amazing.  Again this is one of those songs that you must listen all the way to the end to appreciate.  The bass line was created in the studio too, another one of those magical occurrences.

I wrote this for my wife, Lia, who was “just a girl I was dating” at the time.  We would have these conversations about how it seems that life comes easy for certain people.  That is how the lyrics started out.  I then started to write about giving your life to someone and giving up something in return.  My favorite line in the song is; “I can’t find myself, but I don’t want myself.”  Sometimes I feel that this song was written for a higher power.

When I first wrote the song it was all rhythm guitar and when I played it for my friends, BT told me that it sounded like another song I had written, so I started to play it with the fingerpicking bits in the verses.

I knew that it would be a very dreamy song with lots of reverb and delays in the background. I love songs that have so much going on in the background that you can hear something new every time you hear the song.  Pearly Gates is definitely one of those songs, probably better to listen to with headphones.  There must be around 6 or 7 guitars used just for background noise.  I recorded my guitars playing through an Alesis MidiVerb 4 drenched in reverb.  I was just making sounds; the song wasn’t even recorded yet.  I then recorded the song and edited the sounds into the proper places.  The “ghost cry” that is heard after I sing the verse “When will I see you,” is a guitar and slide, and was a total accident, it was in the perfect place.

This song is very inspired by Bjork, who is just amazing.  I wanted massive strings in the chorus that sounded like it came out of one of her songs.

We don’t play this song live unfortunately because we can’t.  Too many guitars and currently I want the song to sound as close to the recording as possible.  I have had a few people tell me that this is their favorite song on the album because of the dreaminess and all the weird bits.

If someone were to ask me to describe this song in ten words or less:  Reaching out to God


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