Chapter and Verse IX: LOADED

LOADED (Free Download Here)
Written by: Jude Hernandez
Produced by Lior Goldenberg and Jude Hernandez
Vocals, Rhythm Guitars: Jude Hernandez
Lead Guitars: B.T.
Bass: Mark
Drums: Rueben Bolieu

I picked up the guitar and started playing A-C-D on the guitar.  I was very insprired by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.  I told B.T. to make the lead guitar sound like BRMC and his eyes lit up, as he is a huge fan too, and came up with the great lead part.

I’m not sure who the song was written about, probably after an argument with someone, or a collection of people through out my life, I don’t know, maybe not.

For the drums I told Reuben that I wanted a lot of toms in the song.  For our next rehearsal he played the drum parts he came up with and I was just pumped up for what I had heard.

If someone were to ask me to describe this song in ten words or less: Not taking it anymore.


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