Long Beach Music Fesitval – Why I Declined…

The band was offered a spot on an upcoming music fesitval that will be held in the city of Long Beach on January 23, 2010.  Unfortunately, after going over the contract I had to decline.  The reasoning behind this is that the band would have to pay $200 to reserve a spot, then sell 20 tickets at $20 a piece.  If we didn’t sell all the tickets, we (the band) would have to pay the remaining balance due.  So for us to play a 45 minute set, it would cost us $600.  I would like to get into the recording studio next year to record an album or possibly two next year, and that is why I had to decline.

I understand and know that major-label bands/acts put large amounts of money down to reserve spots on festivals and even large venues, and as I go further down the line in my music career that i will have to do the same.  But i strongly feel that it is not the best decision at the time.  Besides I can take the $600, rent out a smaller venue for a night and host my own show.  Hmm….



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