Sunday Visit…What Baby Brings

My grandmother is in the hospital, actually it is a rehabilitation center for senior citizens. She is bedridden and the doctors aren’t sure what is wrong.

My wife, Baby Jude, and I went to visit her on Sunday. It was great to see her smile, especially when she saw Baby Jude. It seemed her spirits were lifted while we were there as she was able to watch the innocence of a baby in her room. He was talking, clapping, playing patty-cake, yelling, goo-gooing and gaa-gaaing, smiling, and being as happy as he can be.

Though there were times when he was getting restless and we had to walk him around the halls of the hospital. That is when I saw many other faces light up the hallway. When the senior patients saw the baby, they grew child-like with a happiness that seemed like they hadn’t felt in many years. They began to yell, “Oh my, look at the baby!” “Oh a baby!” It was interesting to see how excited they got just to see a baby. I would stop and show them Baby Jude and he would smile at them as they all were gooing and gaaing over him.

When we had to leave the area I wondered how much better they felt as they were able to see a baby for a few seconds and what a baby represented to them. Did it take them back to a time when they had children of their own? Did a baby represent an unconditional love they feel for their children? Did the baby take them back to a time where they were responsible for their own children and gave them a sense of purpose? A sense of purpose that may be lacking from their lives?

I’m not sure but being the father of the baby that most of the patients that were head over heels for sure did feel good. I guess because I am gooing and gaaing over my little guy when I think about and see him as well.

The next day my grandmother was able to walk 24 steps forward and backward. I would like to think that her seeing the baby brought an inspiration to get better so she can watch him grow. We told her that his one year birthday is two months away and that we want her to be there.

Today, February 17, the doctors found a blood clot in her left leg. She is bed ridden for two more weeks. Let’s pray for a speedy recovery.


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