Post Show – April 14, 2010

Well we had a great show last night.  None of our fans attended, we were the only acoustic act among full fledged bands, and I couldn’t plug my acoustic guitar into the PA system which caused some unwanted stress because I didn’t have my amp and we weren’t sure how my guitar was going to be heard by the people in the bar.  Fortunately the promoter had a small 15-watt practice amp that we were able to mic up.

Jay and I were very apprehensive about playing this show.  We even discussed canceling our slot.  I didn’t know too much about the venue and we have been noticing that most of the bands performing there were mostly hard rock bands.  I knew that we would have a very small turn out, if any; and the one thing that we were really worried about was that none of the bands were given time slots; it was a first come first selection time slot agreement.  We were told that the earliest we could check was at 830pm.  Knowing that there were 4 other bands on the line-up and that there was a chance that we may be performing at 12am, made us want to cancel our slot even more.  But we don’t like cancelling shows because its not god business with the fans nor the booking agents, so we decided to play with our chances.

Luckily Jay showed up at 745pm and since he was the first one there, we were granted the first time slot.  I go there at 815pm and we began to set up our gear.  When I saw the other bands arriving and began to survey the location, I started to get a weird feeling that maybe I had picked the wrong venue for us to play at.   It was a great place, but it was a bar, and usually most people visiting a bar to drink and watch sports do not want to hear melancholy acoustic songs.

9pm hit and we were on.  We noticed that the people in the bar were really enjoying our set.  They were really into the mood of the guitars and lyrics.  Definitely made the night easier.  Knowing that we were an acoustic act among the other full bands really gave us nothing to hold back either.   It was like well let’s have some fun we’ve got nothing to lose.  After the end of our set we were given many compliments, and sold some CD’s.  A very great night!

Here was or set list:

Beautiful Muse
Doll’s House
Siren’s Call
Listen To Echoes
You Are the Sun
On Your Side

Thank you all for you’re continued support and see you on May 7 at the Gypsy Den!


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