My Obsession – Part 1

I’ve been thinking a lot lately why I have very limited time to do what I really want to, which is songwriting.  I thought maybe its because I have a baby now or its because I am married.  I thought maybe I watch to much TV or that its got to be that I spend too much time on the internet.  But as I sat and really began to look around and meditate on the question, I realized that I was really cutting my time is because of this: I have to many possessions that take up my time and are so distracting.  Movies, guitars, books, clothes, games, toys, shoes, gadgets, gizmos, and I still yearn for more.  So I spend time shopping looking for the goods I desire, thinking and hoping that whatever it is I want, it will fulfill my life.  But once I get something, I immediately look for something else to get.  Shopping and buying is my drug   I realize now that it is my addiction.  I have made many attempts to stop buying items, but if I see a deal for something that I think I’ll need, I buy it.

So I have all these items I have purchased, and of course I want to utilize them all for whatever they were made for, but that is where the problem lies.  With having so many things, and a lot of them useless in achieving my lifelong goals, I see that I have no time to do what I really want to do.  All these things that I have, that I can’t take with me when I leave this world, have and are consuming me.  My lack of patience, gratitude, and determination has caused so much of my time to be wasted.

I really feel that I need to do something drastic make a huge sacrifice to get out of this habit.  Not only for that that but to also give me more time to do what I feel is the reason why I was put on this earth: to write songs.  I was thinking of taking an inventory of my items and only keeping a handful of books, toys, shoes, gadgets and gizmos.  I guess just keep the items that I would use on a consistent basis through the course of my life.  Even get to the point of imagining that I am a traveler or a musician on tour and all the things I need are all the things I got.
This will be tough, and will take some time, but it needs to be done.  I want things to change (more songs written, more money saved, and more TIME), so there must be drastic changes.  It is time to get rid of things that are holding me down and let go.


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