Massive Attack @ the Wiltern May 18

The wife and I saw one of my favorite bands, Massive Attack, at the Wiltern Tuesday.  I have been itching to see them, especially since I missed their Hollywood Bowl appearance a few years ago.  Martina Topley-Bird opened up for them and WOW, she was great!  Definitely a new fan, she performed by herself, she beat-boxed into a loop machine, then played piano and sang over her loops, just amazing!  She has inspired me to bring out my loop machine and fool around.

At 945pm, Massive Attack came out, and performed started the night with United Snakes.  Their rig was 2 drum sets, about 6 keyboards, a bass and guitar player.  My favorite part of the concert was that the band brought all the singers from thier albums on stage to perform, Horace Andy, Del Nava, and Martina.  They even had Shara Nelson, who sang on their first album, Blue Lines.  Of course they played all thier best material, and changed the sound of “Teardrop” which has been over played due to being the theme song to Fox TV’s House, which I think sounded better than the original.  My favorite song Risingson rocked and that bass line, oh, that bass line!  They had one encore and ended the show with Splitting the Atom.

I had a great time, no issues with other fans talking during the concert, as we know in Hollywood, that is a problem.

Very happy to see them, they are a huge inspiration to me and my songwriting.  I hope you had the chance to see them.

If you haven’t heard of them, download my favorite album of theirs: Mezzanine

Shine on…


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