Rose City Rocks Performance – CANCELLED

Yes we were cancelled yesterday.  I woke up, checked my email, and saw “cancellation” in the subject line of the first email the popped up.  Here is the reason why the show was cancelled, from the email itself:

“…Unfortunately all bands scheduled to perform at 72 north have to be canceled as 72 North has decided to bump the final day of Rose City Rocks for the Lakers play-off game despite the fact that Rose City Rocks has given them one of their busiest weeks ever. Never has anything in the history of Rose City Rocks nor any event we’ve produced ever happened. The situation is beyond our control and we do not have a contingency for moving the stages…”

We and the 5 other bands that were scheduled to perform were cancelled for the Laker game.  I guess Club 72 North felt they can make more money having the game on instead of bands.  They were probably right, but they went back on their agreement, without the care of everyone else’s plans.  So fuck you Club 72 North of Pasadena, you are now Hollywood money hungry bastards.

We are working with the promoter of Rose City Rocks to reschedule the show.  Thanks for your continued support.  We are very sorry.

See you soon.



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