New Guitar Effects – Line 6 M13

I decided to sell my Line 6 pedals (DL-4, MM-4, Echo Park, Verbzilla) and get a multi-effects unit.  I had to many pedals and it was overwhelming for me.  My options were the Vox ToneLab LE, Line 6 Pod HD400, or the M13.  I decided to get a the Line 6 M13, I bought it used on eBay, saving myself $150.

I received the Line 6 M13 today and WOW!! I’m blown away!  Totally worth selling my pedals and getting this unit; sounds, sounds and more sounds.  Delays, mods, distortions, reverbs (some of the best), and filters.

Definitely worth the price and easier to use than the stomp box DL-4 and MM-4.  Save up to 12 settings or use it as individual pedals.  Highly recommended.


Until the next time.

Shine On


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