Rangers and Giants World Series 2010

There were a lot of sports writers who blew this World Series off just because the high paying teams of New York and Philly didn’t make it.  Well I thought it was great, shows heart and soul matters more than money.  I was really rooting for the Rangers, a team no one expected to make the play-offs, and with great talented players.  Josh Hamilton is so much fun to watch and has the most beautiful swing I have seen in a long time.  He is currently my favorite player and he makes me want to take my baseball bat out of storage and start taking hacks.  Also, I wanted the Rangers third baseman, Mike Young, to get a World Series ring.  I have known Mike since we were teenagers as we use to play baseball on summer and winter ball teams.  He is still fun to watch as he was back then.

Unfortunately it looked like the Rangers were tired and lacked the energy they had when they played against the Yankees.  Maybe they were to exhausted from giving there all against the Yanks, but they were over-matched against the Giants.

My congrats to the Giants as well as the center-fielder and an old friend Aaron Rowand.  He got his second World Series ring in less than 10 years.  I played with Rowand at Cal State Fullerton for two years and was another ball-player that was just a blast to watch and play with.

Now I must wait until April 2011 for the new baseball season.


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