Letting Go (Part 1)

I’ve been interested in simplifying my life for the past few years.  Now that I’m husband and a father, I’ve noticed my “free” time is very limited.  I don’t have the time I would love to have to write, learn another instrument, read, or workout.  But I’ve noticed that most of my extra time goes towards my possessions;  cleaning them, organizing them, adding on, and now that we have moved into a new home, finding a place for them.  I’ve purchased a lot over the years and it doesn’t help I don’t like to throw anything away having the mentality that I may end up using it later in life, though after 20 years I still haven’t used my Nintendo system.

As I reflect on my life and realize that it’s hard for me to let go of my past, my possessions, regrets, and my junk.  Maybe I’m hoping to bring back a life to relive the happiness or to fix the hurt and pain.  Whatever it is, I’m starting to see where I want my time to be spent on: my son, my wife, and myself.  I want to write more songs, I want to read and learn more, build a rich life with my wife, and enjoy watching my son grow up to be a man.

So I’ve decided it is time to let go many of my possessions.  Not sure what yet, as I know I won’t get rid my my CD’s, Vinyl records, or Playstation 3, but items of a past life I know will not come back, and doesn’t need to.  I need to move forward and get rid of the things that holding me back.  It’ll be easy at first, but as I continue getting rid of my stuff, and start to get rid of the things I do feel the need to have, that’s when it’ll be complicated.

My first items I have thrown out are my baseball trophies.  For those of you that don’t know, for 24 years of my life I was a baseball player gathered trophies, pins, patches, uniforms, yearbooks, baseballs, gloves, and baseballs.  I still have a lot of the items in boxes gathering dust and cobwebs, I’m just not exactly sure what I have. I will keep two trophies for the time being, my Baseball Hall of Fame High School trophy and my Mt. Sac trophy which shows my batting average was .406 and led the team for the season.  I know my history with these schools and don’t need an item to remind me, but I’m keeping these to show my son and future children I may have.

Here’s to letting go and doing the things I love.


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