New Years Resolutions

Bullshit, complete bullshit. Every year people are so excited for new goals, new hopes, new wishes, but just continue with broken promises and dreams as they fall back into old habits. Most of us have done it, and few can complete resolutions.

You want something new? Choose three things you want to accomplish and get it done. No matter what it is or how you do it, just make it happen. Don’t share it, keep it to yourself. Someone close to you will be very discouraging thinking their advice will be trying to help you. They can’t challenge themselves so they attempt to keep you at their level. Write it down and do it.

Sit for 10 minutes a day in complete silence and talk with your inner self. Try it, listen. A conversation will come. Answers will surface to air. You will know if the path you have chosen is the right one. You will find confidence you will find truths you will find love. Love for yourself. Love for life…and discover your strength.

Shine On…

God Bless

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