Two Years Ago Today…

Two years ago my son was born. My life changed for the better, I have never loved someone so much or enjoyed watching someone as much as him. The years are flying by fast, everyday he looks a little bigger and wiser to me. Soon, he’ll be wanting to spend more time with his friends than with me.

I love the fact when he gets hurt he runs to me to make him feel better, I love the fact when he gets tired he comes to me so I can hold him to fall asleep. I love knowing he will wake up in the middle of the night looking for me, and if I’m not there, he’ll walk out of the room and search the house for me. Little things he does I know soon will not happen anymore.

Probably my favorite thing of all is watching Jude live in the moment. Whatever he is doing, he is doing. What happened 5 minutes ago doesn’t matter, he has moved on…

As much as I am doing my best to teach my son about life as he grows, I am learning from him as well. I pray I continue to learn from him as he grows into a man and I prepare to exit this world.

Happy Birthday my son, I love you and I always will.


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