2011 World Series

Wow…what a series…very emotional and one of the best I can remember. But then again its one of the only ones I have followed this closely in the past 10-15 years. I’m not sure why and I’m asking myself why but it may be because I would like to get into the game of baseball again. Or because I enjoy watching the Rangers…whatever the reason, when the Rangers lost Game 7 I was not happy. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, and I couldn’t even talk to the wife.

If the World Series were to be analyzed why the Rangers lost, it would be the 41 walks!!! The Rangers pitching staff gave up 41 walks. Walks will kill a baseball team. While watching the games most of the Rangers pitching staff looked nervous with tense pitching motions. They were not the same. Twice in game six the Rangers were one strike away from winning it all, but in each of those innings…WALKS! Walks are free bases, which in turn are free runs.

The hardest thing to do in any sport is to hit a round ball with a round bat squarely. No matter how great a hitter is, the odds are always for the pitcher. Why be afraid to throw strikes to hitter? I wish I can ask the Rangers pitching staff that exact question. What is it that made you feat that hitter so much you wouldn’t challenge them? It could be fear, or it could be lack of experience in a huge pressure situations. Who the hell knows, but walks lost the series for the Rangers.

I’m not taking away from the Cardinals, they are a great bunch of talented baseball players, and my hat off to them, but a good defense will always beat a great offense.

Yes it was a great World Series, a series the game of baseball needed to show, in my opinion, that it still is the greatest sport in the world.


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