The One I Love

I dream of you in all that I do. There is no one else I see
After all these years my desire for you still runs wild
I need to make love to you, stare deeply into your eyes, lose myself in our slow molasses kisses.
I feel your pulse, I hear the angel in your voice
The sensation of being one
Undivided , one soul, one mind
Flesh on flesh, perfection
No one else has or can make me feel this way,
Lost in peace and floating
In the bliss we’ve only come to know,
Closer and closer, re-inventing new ideas but going back to the old
What works is all we need.

I become a slave to your beauty.
And I just want to fuck the living daylights out of you,
Grab and twist, guide and pull,
Selfish to the bone
Like a machine, throw you down without direction,
Take it, listen and follow, its all you can do.
I want mine and you’re the one that’s going to give it to me.
Yell and scream, break down the walls, like a driving force,
Unleash the animal inside.
I just want to FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, until we’re both dried up
I’m first,
Letting go to the one I love, its what I need, the release
You the sex symbol of my generation, of my world, of my fantasy.
Play along, its what you need,
Fucking like no tomorrow,
Fucking like the end of the world,
No barriers,
No direction,
Never being cheated, pure chaos
Love is still there but the rules have changed baby,
I got you and your not getting away,
I’ve got the power and you understand
I’ve got the power and you give in…
Freedom comes and the world is ours…its how you’ve wanted it and I’ve answered

You are the Goddess on the horizon, I’ve always followed and I always will…
I love you, and you know it…


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