One Group of Apples…

Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut, but I had to stand up for the little guy, or the little guys.  Are they innocent, how the fuck do I know, but they were for what people were complaining about.  But that’s all it takes, one to complain the rest will follow.  Nothing better to do in their lives but make other people miserable. 

Kids doing nothing but playing sports in the wrong place.  Call the police, get them out of here.  For what?  Feeling important, the rush of power, the smell of victory.  Target a certain group but look the other way for the people who are your friends.  What other choice did I have?  I like to keep to myself, but sometimes the quiet must take the giant leap forward and let few know they aren’t supported in their quest.  What would you prefer? Activity in staying out of trouble or causing anger that can lead to trouble.  Always the quickest solution and never the afterthought of consequences. 

Who are you targeting really?  I read the comments you make against certain people and groups but you have a very blind eye, and your skin keeps changing colors.  You curse and pray to your God for the person you are and hope to be.

Leave them alone, promote a healthy environment.  Isn’t that what you truly want in the first place?  But you only want it with your cronies, feeding you the goods, the false goods, fulfilling your emptiness.  I hope you find it my brother…I hope you find it.


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