Hanging By A Thread…

I do to much.  Or I should say I attempt to do it all.  Reading, writing, recording, parenthood, working out.  I ask for an hour a day for my music, but its not always enough.  Warming up, practicing, lessons, writing, finding the perfect tone to emulate a certain mood takes a lot longer than an hour.  I want to be a well rounded songwriter,  – melodies, ambient, simple but trippy beats.  Take the listener through the night sky of Los Angeles.  I have a lot to do and to catch up with.  I block myself worrying about what the “public” will think.  I know its wrong, but I’ve always been like that.  I am working on changing that mind set.  But its always in the back of my mind that one needs great songs to succeed.  But maybe its people want to see persistence and the ability to get better, maybe they even want to see the artist explore…

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