The Weak

The weak will never win. The weak are cast aside. The weak are looked down upon and passed until they are outcast from society and slowly from themselves. You have been there and their ain’t no going back. Do it. See what happens. How will you ever know what kind of person you are if you’ve never been in a fight?!?! Stop playing it safe. Get out there and ruffle some feathers. Look the bastards in the eye and smile. Point your finger and say never again will I fail. NEVER AGAIN I SAY! I will go down swinging. I will go down with arms wide open.

God loves triers and doers. I don’t believe he cares for nice people. The ones who bend over backwards to make other people happy and sacrifice their happiness. When you sacrifice your happiness you sacrifice God’s happiness. You can’t make other people happy, no matter how hard you try. Only they can. No matter what you do, some people don’t know how to be happy. They are full of fear, to afraid to be happy, not use to the energy not use to the glow. Learn to let go and love yourself.

Do it for you…


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