This space is empty and nothing’s remote

My mind is blank and my trust has turned to hope

As I lay next to you I’m not sure who’s to blame

The walls are silent and it’s easy for me to walk away

She comes praying for acceptance, she wants a smile in every face

The bottle’s spinning and spills toward you

With a jaw wired shut what will you do?

The wind blows the candle out

Lost in the dark I hear a shout

I wonder what this is for

I can’t find the hook, the chorus

The catch phrase or the promise

Playing to perfection

It leads only to frustration

Who made these rules?

Who writes these laws?

Wonderfully painful with compassionate tears

The glass breaks from high pitch waves

I stand up raise my hand and reach for luck

As you jump and shake from the devil’s touch

I can’t let go of your angry eyes

The mutation of a deadly device

When I leave where will I go?

Side by side, high or low?


Time stealing scene

Your internal sail is running on empty

Where you stay will never change

Boredom rules your time and space


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