There were two cakes left over at work yesterday and I refused to eat any. Made a couple of people upset for not being a team player, but fuck it, I am determined to eat better and limit the amount of sugar I consume. I was told I could take them home today, since no one else was eating them. It was one full cake, half of one, half of the other, I took them to my mom-in-laws house and let her keep most of it. So I come home with the equivilent of two slices. They’re just sitting there, gobbled with frosting. I’m telling myself no, no, no. I think of something else, but an hour later I need to try it. Shit…just plain shit, wasn’t worth it. Bland frosting and day old cake. Now I feel like crap, which is probably more mental since I told myself no sweets. It was only a couple of bites, but not worth it. Allow u-turns, we’re not perfect, and sometimes its good to test ourselves and see what happens when we fail…makes you want to work harder and fight back.

I told myself only sweets on Sundays…I’ve been good for two weeks, see and feel a difference in my body and spirit, now back to climbing that hill.


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