Memoir #1

We were close once, but time marches on, our love grows deeper because we are now distant, and the memories keep growing fonder, more alive.
When we see each other, we find our youth is still here, a twinkle in our eyes, we share stories of the yester-years hoping to relive the rebelliousness freedom of the good old days,
But time holds on for no one.

We raise a glass to new adventures, ask for blessings from the Gods
Our eyes close and savior the prayer…A love requited.

We are thankful, fortunate, but our souls yearned for more.
Breaking away from the cloak and dagger our fathers tied our hopes to…
Where is the feast we were promised?

You can see, but it’s only what your mind perceives.
Its all in the eyes my friend its all in the eyes.
They run so deep, how far can you see? How far are you willing to go?
What else is coming our way?
Does it even matter?


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