Scrapbook of Madness #1

write a lot during the week.  Thoughts, lyrics, stanzas come to me during the week and I jot them down.  I’m going to be posting them at the end of every week.  What I do is go over them and keep the ones I like and incorporate them into songs.  This is from the last week (W/E 04/21)

The darker the beauty the deeper the beast

The love of life you feel inside
The love a fire you can’t deny
So deep inside I know its mine

Give me something to believe in
I can’t keep running
I gave into the air of mystery
Who can we believe in when there’s no steady ground
We keep searching
For the meaning
Feel so empty
But were still breathing
Keep your iron hand inside a velvet glove
Throwing dust on our eyes
Raised in fears and lies
I can’t win
To much temptation to sin

When you look in the mirror what do you see
Do you see what your soul sings our what your mind believes
Does it tease?
Careful what you say ladies and gentlemen they’re coming you better be ready
When shadows emerge from the catacombs in the earth
Enough has been said
We’ve gone to deep you can’t believe this is me I’m not the same as I use to be
I’m not the same face from the hall you don’t know me at all
I’m lonely my soul speaks to me

When love comes I’ll be born again
Leave it alone
I’ll take you home
The world is getting smaller and the time getting shorter
What little we did know
If you ask me to look back I’ll turn the other way
If I flip through the pages, you’ll find
Now you’re alone to be


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