Scrapbook of Madness #3

Old songs revisited, chords changed lyrics updated, all for good. It can’t and shouldn’t last forever, but some things do, and which ever end you are on, well…

New names signal changes and intensity, you must reinvent the old, once your out of the lime light, in this tech-savy world, you need to come back a new man or women which ever you prefer. But keep them guessing? They usually don’t give a fuck anyway…if it has nothing to do with them, why should they care?

They may remember you, but in their way, who you were to them, not who you (think you) are to yourself. Keep moving forward, your time may come, if you keep at it. Don’t fall victim to the sideline team, they love excuses and reasons; never looking answers.

Leave your legacy for your children and your children’s children, that’s all that should matter anyway.

Good is to enjoy as bad is to question. If you think you got it, then by golly you got it!


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