Scrapbook of Madness #4

The lover in the audience

Beyond your ability to comprehend

A silent witness that ever speaks

No need to hurry as there is no time to lose

Angels will dance beside you

Cry shout out loud
You are the one I can’t deny

We’ll be leaving home some day

Your mother’s out of time
And your father lost his mind

I wonder where we will be
As the years pass will our love run deep?
Deeper than shades of blue
Is this as far as I can get with you
I’ve known I’ve always loved you
From the day I was able to touch you

Why would they bring you down?
What would you be here for?
Let the truth be told now that the secrets out

Intellectual dishonesty
Senseless oddessy
Restless idealism

Made for the masses
Divided by the classes

It’s your life
I won’t ask you twice

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before
But your daddy wants to be sure
What I said I’m cant be ignored
As you walk out that door

Death is imminent for all
And the toys you had you never needed at all

If I knew how to say I’m sorry
We’d be out of this mess
If you had a sense of humor
Maybe you wouldn’t be so upset

You turned me into someone I could never be
You make up the rules so you can shine
The truth will set us free
It’s only a matter of time
Because we know who you really are
Behind these locked prison doors

Where have you gone?
How have you been?
It’s been a long while
I’d like to see you again
You use to be
A talented fuck
Made it look so easy
You could do it in your sleep

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