I use to hate remastered albums, well I use to hate the fact that when my favorite albums were remastered, I would have to buy them again to hear the music in a different way. I use to feel since they were mixed and mastered already, why should it be done again? I thought it was a cheap way to get music lovers and fans to spend more money on CDs they already spent their money on. Of course I would give in and re-purchase albums that got remastered (The Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, Marvin Gaye, Rolling Stones, etc.). I would hear a difference and I would be happy with my purchase, but I was still sore I had two copies of the same album.

It’s the same with movies, a few of my favorites from my childhood were given new scenes and extra special effects, the best example is Star Wars. But it made a masterpiece of movie less enjoyable and not as effective.

And there is no end in sight. Remasters, high definition, and updates to old films and music are here to stay, especially with technology getting better and better.

And I got me thinking about what John Lennon said to George Martin, “I wish I could go back and record all the songs we did with the Beatles.” As creators of our art, are we ever truly satisfied with the “finished product?” Artists I’ve talked to have always told me no, and I think when we hear and/or see our finished product we hear and see the things that are missing.

So the question is, if we had the chance would you go back and re-write, re-shoot, re-record, re-paint, re-design, and re-write our final product? Does technology now give us that option, more so now since many artists are more independent than they ever been? Is it ok to release a product, say for instance a song, record it with the tools (and experience) we have at our disposal, and then re-release when we are able to make it sound “as it should have been” back then?

I ask this because I have many songs written but they have not been recorded as I don’t feel they would sound like I hear them in my head due to lack of resources and experience. But should that matter anymore? In this is day and age, should artists wait to unveil their art? Is it acceptable now to make it “better” when more resources are available when the artist becomes successful? Is art truly ever finished?


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