Forget New Goals, It’s Time For New Habits

Its now 2013, every year feels like its getting shorter. Of course I have goals for the 2013 year, but we all know they stay for a couple of weeks and it back to the same old habits. Things we are use to and comfortable with. But I still want to try. Maybe its time to say, “fuck it” to the goals. Maybe I need to create goals that are habit forming, and then create accomplishing goals? Once the habit is there, the goal will be easier to reach. Make sense? Maybe some will disagree, and some will not understand.

Here are some examples of new habits I want to create for the New Year:

1. Write – I want to write for at least 20 minutes everyday. Just write what comes to my head without judgment.
2. Write Music – I want to write at least 30 minutes of music and lyrics everyday. Whether it is on my guitar, piano, or iPad. I need, yes need to get back into writing. No goals on the number of songs yet. As long as I’m writing daily, the songs will start pouring out.
3. Enjoy what I’ve got – I’ve got lots of stuff. Books, music, clothes, shoes, movies, talent, wife, a son. But I spend a lot of time thinking of things that I want, thinking it will make my life richer and fuller, when I have all I need. Life is tough, but God has always supplied me with the things I need and wanted. I want to enjoy the things I already have. This will help me appreciate them and be more grateful. I have books sitting in my shelf that I’ve had for years without even reading. I have albums that I haven’t taken the time to listen to, clothes I haven’t worn, time wasted wishing instead of spending it with my wife and child. Music equipment I haven’t mastered to understand their use or functions. With this new habit, it will help me lead to my next habit to…
4. Pay off debt – yea I have a high amount of debt. Student loans and credit cards. I hate it, it has held me back from experiencing life for most of my adult-working life and I’m sick of it. So sick of it, that its to the point, where I just want to say fuck it, I ain’t going to pay my bills any more. They got all they need from me, especially with the interest. But I know I cannot do that. The government is on their side, and the consumer cannot win. So what habits can I create to pay off debt? Well, see habit #3. As mentioned before when I start appreciating the things I have, then I won’t feel the need to recklessly spend money. Any extra money I start to accumulate will go towards paying off my debt. Second, sell off anything I haven’t used or don’t use and use that money to pay off debt. Can be difficult as I can think of any excuse on why I still need some of my things, but I need to let go. I’ve started getting rid of my stuff recently and I got to tell you, it feels good.
5. Exercise – I’m pretty good at this habit, the past few weeks not so much, but I can get back to it pretty quickly. At this point in my life, I work out more to clear out the mind, but I still want to look good. With a clear mind and worked-out body, I feel great. I want to create the habit of working out four times a week for at least 30 minutes per workout.
6. Wake-up earlier – I’ve done this before and I can accomplish my writing and working out before the rest of the world starts. When I complete a few of my tasks/goals early in the day, I feel energized to get more accomplished at home and at work. There have been studies done, and a lot of successful people are early risers, diving into their goals.
7. Express my admiration to my wife and son – sounds easy, but it’s not for me. I express myself more through hugs and kisses. I can hug my wife and son all day, but I need to verbally express it more.

I think that’s enough for now. Once I get these habits into my routine, new ones will be worked on. Here’s to a productive and creative 2013!


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