It’s Been A While…

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything or blogged.  I have been writing, but the same song over and over again. Getting the song to where I like it and comfortable with it.  The more and more I play with it the more and more I get ideas.

I was in London last week, following the wife on a business trip. What a place, so much history, present, and the future all rolled into one. I took a lot of photos, some I have posted, but not all. I noticed I was taking a lot of the same type of photos, buildings and landmarks, because I was in the same location for our time out there. I was able to visit Abbey Road, one of the places in world I always wanted to visit. I walked the cross walk the Beatles crossed for thier glorious album. Many people were crossing the street too, taking photos, proud to be walking the crossing the same street the Beatles did, over 40 years ago.  Its amazing how even to this day, how much they are still adored.

I’ve been spending a lot of time taking photos with my iPhone using Hipstagram, Camera +, and Blux Pro camera apps. Figuring ou the best settings for situations.  I’ve become an “iPhoneographer” and started moving forward with another one of my passions. I’ve always loved photography, and been wanting to call myself a photographer, and I’m moving towards that title. I don’t know what constitutes being a called a photographer, as I’m not looking to get paid for it (yet), but with as many photos I’ve been taking, I think its fair to say that I am.

Back to the music…I’ve been writing this one song for months now, called “Eve of Destruction.”  Cool track, slow tempo (as usual), and the melody is great with good lyrics, but the chorus has stumped me. I’ve got the melody, but I’m not happy with the lyric as I don’t feel it gets the message across. Just got to keep working at it, singing it, and finding the best combinations.

I have many pieces of music written, but that’s all they are. It gets difficult to focus on one for completion, as I am not consistent with my time devoted to the song. Being married with a child and high amount of debt, has caused me to have higher priorities. And I have been getting overwhelmed. I still want to be a songwriter, but that dream feels like its slipping away fast. But I have everything I need, and now I just have to keep plugging away allowing the universe to guide me.  Like it always has.


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