What Makes Your Soul Sing?

I admire those who have enough courage and confidence to be able to walk away from a job in an instant. There are times I wish I can be that person. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and the company I work for. It’s just not something I see myself doing for the rest of my life, and lately I’ve been daydreaming of doing something else. Things I use to have passion for and still have knowledge of. But I cannot just get up and leave to start a new career. I’ve made poor choices in my life that forces me to be a slave to the money and the signee of my paycheck. I cannot take chances and have to be careful how I do my job. Creativity is limited. Choices are limited. Which means having new experiences is limited.

This has nothing to do with having a family. I love my family, I’m proud of my family, and I feel blessed to have my family. This has to do with trying to fill an emptiness with materialistic objects for many years. This has to do with living in fear of who I am to other people and trying to get rid of that fear by having a lot of toys for impressions. It’s about escaping from my soul and spirit, fighting my true inner being. Now as I’m getting older and wiser, I see there is no quick fix. This hole is deep and dark.

Never be afraid of not having enough. What you have now is enough. All the things you want will come in time. The universe will support and supply you with the love and the tools you need to fulfill your destiny. But you need to create your destiny. What is in your heart of hearts that makes your soul sing? What brings fulfillment and joy to you? Do that with what you have, because as I mentioned, it is enough.

Live your life so you can get up and go whenever you please. Opportunities will always be around you. Life is not meant to be lived in a confinement. Live from inside and from the outside. See how far you can go, do not let anything hold you back. All material objects can be replaced. Never be afraid of losing your things. The only thing you should be afraid of losing is your soul and the true person you are and can become.

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