Saturday Night

Just finished talking with an old musician friend and the days of our music aspirations. Full of hope and innocent ignorance. As we have gotten older our music has turned into a hobby, something I don’t want to admit, but have submitted to. I miss playing my music live, but all the negatives are currently out-weighing the positives. Life keeps moving on, and time waits for no one.

And suddenly I feel the need to dance, I want to play my music as loud as possible and let my body move with my eyes closed, not knowing where I’m going, just lost in the music. But it cannot happen, shared walls and thin ceilings cause paralization.

So I’m watching the History Channel, a show about sex and my wife and I are currently not on good terms with each other at the moment. Adrenaline builds up swirling in my blood and I wonder how its going to be released. I learn that the ancient Egyptians had dirty minds enjoying sex as much as we do in present times, even experimenting with drugs while having sex. Now I’m taken back to the days of my youth and wonder what the future holds.


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