Jerry Seinfeld Quotes From Howard Stern Show

I follow Bob Lefsetz’ blog ( I love the way he writes and enjoy reading his ideas.  He is also a fan of my favorite radio host, Howard Stern. A few weeks ago Lefsetz wrote a blog about his listening experience on the interview with Howard Stern and Jerry Seinfeld.  Lefsetz was more than impressed with what Jerry had to say about making it in life and in the entertainment business.  And since the Seinfeld TV show is my favorite, I had to have a listen to the interview.

Because I love collecting quotes I had a pen and paper with me to take notes for the interview I heard.  He are my favorite quotes from Jerry:

I don’t know what it is, but the guy takes you there (Jerry discussing why he is a fan of certain comedians, could be a description for all artists).

The blessing in life is finding the torture you are comfortable with. Find the torture your comfortable with and you’ll do fine. You master that, you’ve mastered life.

It’s not work, it’s a gift. (Jerry talking about writing and working his comedy).

Shut up and do your job.

Enjoy it more. (Jerry talking about life and the gifts we’ve been given).

Know how to deliver. (Jerry talking about his stand up routine, but this can be directed toward any performance).

When you are really evolved you can just do things without talking about it.

Memorization is step 1 of 100.

Wow! What an interview, I’m even more impressed by Jerry than ever before. I will definitely be adding these quotes to my collection for inspiration. If you have a chance you can hear the interview here:

Lefsetz – Seinfeld On Stern


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