Why Lie Braun? Why?

I really didn’t want to talk about this, but I can’t let my thoughts go. I can’t stand it when people lie or are dishonest. It’s one of the lowest forms of respect. And Ryan Braun is a liar.

I’m not angry with Braun for taking PEDS (Performance Enhancing Drugs), I guess he felt he had to in order to be successful, but why lie about?

Why Braun, why? Lying only makes things worse. You lied to your fans, your organization, and worse of all, your teammates. You lied to the one team who were in complete support of you.  You were adamant that you did nothing wrong, that some people were incompetent in their job and possibly tried to frame you. Now how do you think you can ever come back from that?

If you would have been honest and told everyone what really happened, then you could have been forgiven. I’m sure just winning the 2011 MVP award was weighing on you and you needed to prove to everyone that you won it fair and square.  Did you take PEDs the entire year? Or was it during the play-offs to help you recover from the long season? Was it the pressure from a long season and large contract? Did you take a Viagra pill?

Unfortunately, we may never know the truth because who is going to believe what you say from now on?  Every explanation that comes out of you will forever be questioned.

Look at Bartolo Colon with the Oakland A’s. He was caught, admitted to his mistake, paid the fines and served his suspension, and he’s an All-Star.  All this in less than one year! People will forgive Braun, people will forgive.

You are a talented ball-player, but now you are damaged goods. Not because you took PEDs, but because you lied. No one likes a liar Braun. NO ONE.

But maybe you were instructed to lie, and were given a script to read from. Maybe MLB knew all along, and tried to save the new face of baseball, but when the Biogenesis Clinic had enough proof to not only frame you but also MLB; MLB couldn’t protect you anymore and had to protect itself.  Now you and all the other ball-players are screwed because you all fell into the wrong group of scientists.  I don’t know, seems like a possible explanation.  I have no idea what goes behind the scenes.

Who knows? I know you’re not the only one who is caught up in this scandal, but the bottom line is: you lied. Liars rarely win, and because you are on a large platform, I don’t know if you can ever come back with the respect that you once deserved. I hope you do, but I think you know, that it’s going to be a long and treacherous road ahead. You did what you felt was necessary, I’m not angry for that, but you shouldn’t have lied Braun, you should have admitted, explained, and carried on.

I hope peace be with you.


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