Alex Rodriguez received a 211 game suspension and now he is doing the only thing that he must, appeal the suspension. I’m actually rooting for him – just a bit.

OK, OK…let me explain. I don’t understand the 211 game ban that he received, I sort of feel that because he is not well liked MLB is trying to make an example of him.  I know he has admitted taking PEDs before, but it feels like MLB is singling him out. If they want to ban him for life (which at his age, 211 games would take him out of MLB for good), then I think they should come out and inform baseball fans ALL MLB players that tested positive for PED usage going back to the 80’s. Why single one guy out when many ball players were doing it too? I think there is more going on behind the scenes than the fans are allowed to know, and the ruling is a politcal move, than it is to try and teach Rodriguez a lesson. Plus I think the Yankees are pushing to get Rodriguez banned because of that over-the-top contract they signed him to, and this is a way to get out of the mistake they made. I’m not pulling for Rodriguez in particular, but for the truth to come out from both sides.

Baseball has been hiding this for a long time and now they have to pick up the pieces from looking the other way. Rodriguez (as well as many other baseball players) have these ludicrous contracts, and feel the need to produce for what they’re “worth.” They are human and I’m sure that pressure mounts like a ton of bricks. They have families and kids which I’m sure adds to the pressure. Is it an excuse to take PEDs? No, but I don’t know the mentality of the players that decided to test those limits. I think baseball needs to look at all factors involved instead of just PEDs. With these contracts and longer baseball schedule, is MLB part of the problem? Are they not scouting the right players? Are they possibly provoking the usage of PEDs? As I said its not ARod in particular that I’m rooting for, but for a deeper truth that us fans are being held back from knowing.



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