The Mask

You want a perfect picture
But you have no idea
Hear the sounds
That surround
To get a clearer vision

I don’t know if it’s OK to touch
Maybe it’s too much
This distance between us
All that follows me
You mock so openly

Through and through
We tried so true
But we always knew what was on the horizon
We have to move on…

But you can believe the lies
I can’t blame you because I always did
But I grow wiser
Deeper in frustration
Knowing what I allowed, but never knowing then
I have to carry on, move on, no one can understand
I want to find the meaning behind all this
What am I here for?

You can carry that burden if you can handle the weight
But it all comes back, yes the one you stand up for
Gets what is deserved
Ten fold, the anguish, the symmetry
Do you feel sorry knowing the loneliness that’s been created?
The sadness that lives on because of regret, because the lack of control?
I would love to hear your reasons, but the tears are too much
It clouds my vision
I know you to well, more than I should
I know what’s behind those eyes
I know what’s behind the mask you wear
I use to wear it too…


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