Surrender – Lyrics

I’ve been working on this song for a about a month, and I got the lyrics to where I like them. I’ll record a demo soon and put it up for you to hear. It is a very dark lyrical song, but I had to get it out.


How dare you cross that boundary
I now must bust a cap in your knees
Feel the comfort in the pain
I must insure it won’t happen again

To young to soon
To far removed
I’ll raise my glass
And drink to your wounds…

I see now what lurks in the shadows
I now know that your secrets are cheap
You only wanted to cop a feel
But the more you know the lesser the thrill

I can’t blame you for trying
I know what you are hoping to prove
You tried to steal the jewel from my throne
Her commitment’s never really well

Surprise, surprise
A devil’s disguise
Cause correct
Fresh in my mind…



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