My Breaking Bad Predictions

I love Breaking Bad, I can’t get enough of it.  The show is written amazingly well, acted well, and I love the art work behind the directing. The hidden clues, the fore-shadowing, just keeps me on my toes and leaves me lusting for more.  I found a few blogthat are predicting how the show is going to end. So I decided to jump into the prediction game. Yea, I’m that infatuatied with the show.  Watching the episodes over and over again, and reading about the hidden clues in the show, I think I may have got it. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.

Oh, and by the way, I disagree with most Breaking Bad fans when they say Walt broke bad when he allowed Jane to choke on her own vomit. Walt broke bad when Skylar told him that she “f**ked Ted.” Walt became a meth cook to ensure his family has enough money to survive without him. When his wife found out what he was doing and failed to support him, he began his downward slope into badness.  Once she told him she cheated on him, he had to prove to himself that he still mattered. What was he a genius at? Cooking Meth. How can he gain respect? Cooking meth. It was Skylar who pushed him over the edge. There’s that old saying; Behind every good man, is a good woman.  Once Walt lost the woman on his side, he lost himself.

OK – Here are my predictions:

Skylar, Walt Jr., and Holly – Skylar decides to leave Walt. Walt refuses to “take care” of the left over baggage that’s remaining to bury him and with Skylar the kids come first. She has no choice but to leave. Walt Jr finds out about his father, and feels betrayed, he wants nothing to do with him. Walt Jr explains that he probably would have supported his father if the truth would have told to him in the first place. Walt Jr is a mature kid for his age, but he can’t understand why his father had to hide his second life from him.

Marie – She becomes depressed due to Hank losing his job and the opportunity to catch Walt. She cannot handle Walt “winning” over Hank. She also loses her remaining family – Skylar, Walt Jr, and Holly.

Hank – Hank broke bad in Season 5, Episode 4B, when he was willing to sacrifice Jesse’s life to catch Walt, aka Heisenberg. He hasn’t arrested Jesse (murderer, meth cook) and has only communicated his knowledge of Heisenberg to his partner Gomez about his undercover investigation. Hank will lose his job for being silent for to long and will cause the DEA losing any chance of apprehending Walt. Hank and Marie leave New Mexico for a new life.

Walt aka Heisenberg – By the end of the show, Walt will be dead. How? By taking his own life using the ricin we saw him pick up at his old home in Season 5, Episode 1B. Walt realizes that no matter how hard he tries to get out of the meth business, he can never really leave. It will follow him and his family for the rest of his life. He needs to save his family and the only way to do that is to take Marie’s advice and kill himself.

Now I have two possibilites that Walt comes back to New Mexico:

1. To save Jesse from the Aryan Brotherhood who have kidnapped him. Even though Walt should have terminated Jesse to save himself and his family, he truely loves Jesse and could never have him killed.  The Aryan Brotherhood sees that Jesse is a threat and won’t take any chances. But they now that Walt cares for Jesse so they kidnap him to make Walt cook meth one last time.  Walt decides to sacrifice himself for his family and also Jesse. This is Walt’s one last redemption for himself and Jesse before he dies.

2. He could be coming back to pick up his money that is buried in the desert. Knowing that it’s dangerous and he is a wanted man, he has to protect himself, but his family needs the money, so he must sacrifice.

Jesse – He’s been kidnapped by the Aryan Brotherhood, going to be saved by Walt. Jesse lives but must do so with the guilt of the murder and sins he has committed.

Saul – You do realize he placed a GPS tracking machine in one of the barrels of Walt’s money right? He is the most reasonable character of the show, knowing how to stay out of jail. If Walt were to die, he doesn’t want the money to go to waste, and he seems like a good enough guy to make sure Skylar and the kids are taken care of.  He also realizes what Hank did to Jesse and files a motion that the video confession Jesse made with Hank is not admissable in a court of law. Saul also lives.

I hope you enjoyed this, I would like to read your predictions too. We’ll see what happens in the next four episodes.


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