Let Loose – New ‘Guilty Souls’ Track

I love electronic dance music and I wanted to write one of my own so I did. I am inspired by the night, colorful bright lights, and letting the spirit loose. When I listen to electronic music it’s usually when all three are working together. Thankfully it happens a lot.

I wrote and recorded this in my iPad using the iSequence app by BeepStreet.

The artwork is not a girl I know, but it IS one of my photos. Edited with the Leonardo Photo editing app and the Over photo app.


Free Download

Visit www.guiltysouls.com

Written and Recorded by Jude Hernandez ©Judessa Music All Rights Reserved



  1. Hi Jude. I came across your blog because, like you, I’m a Breaking Bad addict and I have been reading everything I can about what others predict for the finale. But I ended up spending more time looking at your art and photos, and enjoying your bio and music. And you know what? I like you. I dont say that often. Lol. Good luck to you in all your endeavors!

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