Say it loud! I want to see your mouth open wide! “I AM A GENIUS!” “I AM FANTASTIC” “I CAN KICK ASS!”

These were the proclamations author Victor Villasenor had us yell at his book signing at the East Los Angeles Library yesterday.

Now I’m the type of person that there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason. Our life is lead by the decisions we make, but I also know that the Universe and God will step in from time to time.

I had no idea who Victor Villasenor was nor have I heard of his books. About a year ago I was at my library, and everytime I go, I always check the used book store to see what’s available. I saw this book entitled “Burro Genius” read the description and decided to spend the 50 cents to buy it. I left in my bookshelf for about a month, then my wife read it and she said it was amazing, and she liked it better than “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo. I asked her could that be possible when “Burro Genius” is a memoir and “The Alchemist” is a spiritual book. She really didn’t give me an answer I was satisfied with so I left the book alone.

This past August I decided it was time I read the book. I was done within a week. I loved it. It was beautiful, just beautiful. It is a very spiritual book, and I learned a lot about fatherhood too. That was probably my favorite part of the book as I’m always wanting to find better ways to be a father.

Of course, since I loved the book, I purchased another book of his called “Rain of Gold.” I wanted to know more about Villasenor, so I searched the internet and was lead to his website. I checked his Events page and saw that he would be speaking in Los Angeles one month away (September 14, 2013). Like I said, I know it was more than coincidence that I read the book when I did and found he was speaking close to home in a short matter of time.

Villasenor did not dissappoint. I have never been to a book signing before and I didn’t know what to expect.  Well I wasn’t dissappointed. He was very enthusiastic and passionate about his life and beliefs.  You can see and feel how much he has inspired people of all ages and backgrounds.

“Geniuses stop thinking and trust their inner voice, they trust their guardian angel that speaks to them. We are all geniuses!” – Victor Villasenor

“Look at people in the eye and tell them have a fantastic day and a juicy night. Give them a hug and shake your ass while you do it!” – Victor Villasenor

I was able to get my hardcover copy of “Burro Genius” signed my Villasenor. (Side-Note: the first copy I had was a slighty worn out paperback. I let my sister-in-law borrow it because I knew she would love it – yes I was right. I purchased one for my mother-in-law and ordered the Spanish version, but I was sent an English version in hardcover brand new – which is the one I was able to get signed. Of course I bought the Spanish edition for my mother-in-law, and yes, she loved it too.)

When I met Villasenor, I told him I loved his writing and thank you for sharing your gift. He asked me, “Are you a genius?”

“Yes I am,” I replied.

“Are you fantastic?”

“Yes I am.”

“Can you kick ass?”

“Of course I can.” I answered. I then asked if I can take a photo with him. He obliged and asked me, “Are you a teacher?”

“No I’m not…well I am to my four year old son,” I said.

“You’re a father?”

“Yes I am.”

“Then you’re a teacher. Are you married?”

“Yes I am.”

“Then you’re a teacher to your esposa, and your esposa is a teacher to you and her son. Do you have parents?”


“Then they are teachers too,” he replied.

I thanked Villasenor again and left with a feeling of determination.



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