Breaking Bad Predictions II

Wow…that last episode of Breaking Bad was heart wrenching!  Hank and Gomie are dead, Jesse Pinkman is a slave, Marie is a widow, and the White family is torn apart. All the work Walt did for his family’s future now appears it was done for nothing. Walt left town with the aid of Saul’s vacuum cleaner connection, even though he told Skylar he still has loose ends to clean up. What does that mean exactly?  Is he going to come back for his money? To save Jesse? To destroy everything he created so there is nothing left and maybe his wife and kids can move forward as best as they can?

The writers of Breaking Bad have something up their sleeve for the last two episodes. I am very excited that these coming episodes are 75 minutes instead of the normal 60 minutes (including commercials). I was hoping the last episode would be a two-hour closer. So…what’s going to happen?

I wasn’t going to do this. I really wasn’t, I have no idea what Walt is going to do.  We do know he comes back from New Hampshire on his 52nd birthday, buys an M60, goes to his house that has been fenced in with the word “Heisenberg” spray painted on the wall, and gets the ricin.  OK…according to interviews with Vince Gilligan, Walt is going to get what’s coming to him. Yes I’m still rooting for Walt, I’m one of those crazy ones that hopes Walt gets what he has wanted all along: to make sure his family is secure when he is gone. The only  thing I can say is I don’t know what’s in store for Walt.

Screw it…here are my predictions anyway. Before I go on, a reader commented that Jane’s father will come back and kill Walt after being informed by Jesse that Walt was responsible for her death. I think it’s a great prediction, we were never told if Jane’s father died after a self-inflicted bullet to the head.  Is it possible if Jane’s father does learn about Jane, that he will plot his revenge on Skylar, Walt Jr, and Holly? With Breaking Bad, it is a possibilty.  Another thing Gilligan has said about the show, all the loose ends of the show will be tied.

Now on to my predictions:

Walt: I still believe the ricin is for Walt. I think he is coming back to clean up this empire he created. To make sure that Jesse, the Nazi’s, and Lydia will all be killed, Walt does not want to leave anything behind. He is still going to fight for his money so Skylar, Walt Jr, Holly and Marie can have enough money to live the rest of (their short) lives.  In the honor of his brother-in-law Hank, he is going to bring everyone down. Then he will do the honorable thing and kill himself as Marie requested.

Or is this classic Breaking Bad foreshawdowing?

Marie: She contacts the DEA and tells them everything about Walt and his connection to the meth empire. She shows them Jesse’s video and Hanks video. Her main objective is to catch Walt at all costs. How far will she go? Will she attempt to use the poison she was looking up on the internet? But on who? Skylar? Will that make it feel that has been an even trade? Killing her own sister? I think so. I think she is going to be out for revenge, turning Walt Jr against his parents and taking Skylar down for not stopping Walt in the first place.

Jesse: He is not as dumb as any of them think he is. He will find a way out especially since the Nazi’s are aware of Andrea and Brock. An explosion, lethal meth gas? Yep. He will then threaten Saul by going to go the DEA to implicate him as well.  He will also go after Skylar and the kids to get back to Walt. But he will be killed by Walt Jr.

Skylar: I am sorry to say, but I think she is going to die. By who? Marie. Marie wants revenge and she knows Skylar is partially reponsible for Hanks death. Eye for an eye, its only a matter of time.

Walt Jr: He ends up living with Marie and becomes depressed and lashes out towards Skylar. He is a confused kid learning about his Dad and the killing of Hank. He becomes a target at school when New Mexico learns about Walt. He is also a target of Jesse. He lives, but parentless.

Holly: Didn’t you just want to hug and hold her tight after seeing her in the fire truck? The best baby actor in the history of modern film and TV. She lives (thankfully) but is parentless.  She becomes a foster child seperated from Walt Jr.

Lydia: She starts to use Todd, knowing that Todd has sexual feelings for her. She is happy that Jesse is cooking and she asks Todd to make sure Jesse continues to cook. She is becoming ruthless in her role as the meth distributer. Todd will end up killing her after not getting what he wants out of her.

Uncle Jack: Killed by Jesse.  Refuses to wear a mask and Jesse takes advantage of Uncle Jack’s arrogance.

Saul: He stays in contat with Walt and shares information about his family and the case that’s going on against him. He loses his license to practice law  for his involvement with Jesse and Walt. Jesse comes after him because he thinks Saul had something to do with Andrea and Brock.  He leaves town, never to return.

That’s my predictions for Breaking Bad. I’m sure they’ll change after Sunday, they always do.

But what about Ted, Gray Matter, Skinny Pete, and Badger?

Who will spray Heisenberg on the wall of the White residence? – It’s either Badger or Skinny Pete.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it. Please share yours predictions.



  1. Saul finds Huell and gets the story Hank made up about Jesse being dead. Jesse kills Todd and escapes, gets the rest of his money from Saul, gets girlfriend and Brock, and disappears.

    Skylar and Holly disappear under witness protection due to Walts threat and gives the DEA the Hank blackmail DVD to protect her family from Marie and her big mouth. No one believes anything that Marie says.

    Uncle Jack has to take care of Marie because Jesse told Todd about the tape at Hanks house and that only Hank and Gomie knew. Walt Jr, feeling betrayed by both parents, stays with Marie and gets killed by the nazies as well. The Feds chalk up their deaths to revenge against Hank being Heisenburg. Six months later, Walt is close to death from cancer and returns for revenge on Uncle Jack and crew.

    Nazis are pissed, Todd is dead, can’t cook meth, cannot deliver, Lydia lies, blames nazis for everything , tells czechs nazis screwed up, czechs threaten Lydia, so she turns herself in and turns evidence to the DEA to stay alive because shes dead no matter what. Lydia uses Gus Frain (because he’s dead and can’t get to her) and the nazies as cover.

    The family and furnishings are gone and someone spray painted ‘Heisenburg’ on the wall (where the hutch was) in the living room when Walt returns to get the ricen. Walt stares at the wall and finally realized the duality he has created.

    Walt goes to have the showdown with the nazis, big gun battle, gets shot and trapped, takes ricen thinking its over for him, gets saved by the DEA because they have been watching the nazies and storm in on the gun battle , but Walt dies anyway because of the racine.

    DEA believes it’s all revenge against Hank (Hiesenburg) and Walt returned to avenge the death of Walt Jr.

    I would expect a final Walt Whitman (or some others poam) reading with a montage and Jesse being with girlfriend and Brock.

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