Breaking Bad Predictions III – Felina

So here we are, it’s Sunday and the last episode of one of the greatest television shows wil be airing tonight. Yes, Breaking Bad, will be ending tonight with properly titled episode “Felina.”

We were left with Walt in New Hampshire dodging the police and possibly leaving his only barrel of money at the cabin. We know the “Cleaner” (Robert Forrester) is coming back, waiting for Walt to die so he can take the barrel for himself. But the “Cleaner” also told Walt, if Walt were to leave the cabin, he will not be coming back to check up on him, it is to risky.  But would Walt really leave a barrel of $10 million in a deserted cabin? I hope these questions are answered before we see Walt eating at Denny’s, picking up an M60, and heading to wherever he is heading.  How does he get the white Volvo? It did not appear there was a large barrel of money inside of the car, and besides if there was, Walt would not leave it in the Denny’s parking lot.

I am assuming that he left New Hampshire only with the box of $100,000 he wanted to mail to Walt Jr, and nothing else. He purchased the car with the money he had, and started driving to New Mexico. So now Walt went from having $80 million to $100,000.

So…now for my predictions. I have read many and talked to a few people about the possible ending. There are a lot of different theories out there, and I have not read one that has been correct. But it’s still fun to play along. And you can read my two other predictions, I have changed them since I started this two episodes ago.

Walt: He is going after the Nazi’s to get his money back. Not only is he angry they stole his money but they did not fulfill their promise of killing off Jesse. The blue meth now at “Heisenberg” levels is making its way through the southwest and Europe, he knows that can only mean Jesse is cooking. He kills off whatever Nazi’s are left (See Jesse) and spares Jesse’s life, knowing he will suffer his entire life with all that he’s been through.

Now I’m thinking the ricin is for Lydia, all she ever drinks is tea with Stevia. But it could be the Breaking Bad writers are playing a game with us. The ricin could be for Walt himself, he may be thinking of turning himself in after he gets his money back for his family. He gives them the money, takes the ricin, then turns himself in only to die in jail before trial and to save Skylar from going through her own trial.

Jesse: Jesse makes rash decisions before thinking of consequenses (Andrea is now dead and Brock without a mother), but he is still not as dumb as we think. I’m not sure how broken down he is the past few months, but he is taking orders. He is waiting for the right time to make his move, studying the Nazi’s. He is going to create some sort of chemical explosion which will kill Todd. He will be able to escape with the assistance of Walt. They will be in a Mexican stand-off, but when the police sirens are blaring from the distance, Walt tells Jesse to leave. Jesse lives but is on the run. The DEA will find him, and he will lead them to Hank and Gomez’ bodies in the desert. Marie sticks up for him and with Jesse still following criminal code, will not confess to anything. The video Hank made is destroyed at the Nazi compound. He walks as there is no evidence against him. He tries to live a normal life, attempting to make ammends with his parents and visiting Brock who is living with his Grandmother or in a group home.

Skylar: Skylar dies by the hands of a killer hired by Lydia. She knows Todd won’t do it, but Lydia will do anything to protect her daughter.

Walt Jr: He dies trying to protect his mother from the hired assasin.

Marie: She protects Jesse after seeing Walt turn himself in, thinking he is doing the right thing for his family. When Skylar and Walt Jr die, she takes care of Holly.

Todd: He will be killed by Jesse. Being blinded by science. I also think Todd will end up killing Lydia. His affection for her will boil over as she keeps denying his advances, but uses them to her advantage.

Lydia: She will die by the hands of Todd. As I mentioned before she denys Todds sexual advances but uses them to her advantage. He finally sees it, and kills her in a fit of emotional rage that we have never seen from him before. OR she dies through the ricin that Walt gives her.

There are just so many possibilites!!

Well the writers have said that all loose ends are tied up. Which I’m more excited about. What happens to Huell and Kuby? Is Saul really out of the picture? Will we ever find out about Gus’s past in Chile? What about Walt’s video to Hank and Marie? What about the mysterious mustache DEA agent?

Its going to be a fun night and episode.

Another thing, since this being the last episode, I’m sure there are high expectations. I want to go on record stating I don’t care what happens. I’m going to love it no matter what.

Thanks for reading, I would enjoy reading your predictions.

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