Big Bear Photos

I took the family to Big Bear for a weekend get away. Every visit time slows down and relaxation mode hits. We did go hiking and our four year old walked the entire hike of 1.5 miles. It was a nice trip. I took a few photos and wanted to share them here. 

The following photos were taken with my Canon SD1400 and edited with Handy Photo app.


Big Bear

Big Bear

View of Big Bear Lake

The Lizard King

"The Lizard King" was edited with Handy Photo for iPad and Instagram.

Mother and Son in Big Bear, CA

Mother and Son on the hiking trail near Big Bear Lake. This was edited with Camera+ for iPad.


It's hard enough getting my son to take photos, but when he does, he relishes the chance to be silly. (Edited with Camera+ for iPad.)

On the trail in Big Bear

On the trail. (Edited with Handy Photo app)

Big Bear Zoo

This was taken at the Big Bear Zoo with iPhone 4S using the VSCOcam app and editing tools.

Big Bear Zoo

Yes the Mountain Lion is this big. The zoo is askng for donations so the Lions can exercise. (Taken and edited with Camera+ for iPhone 4S).

Big Bear Zoo

Taken and edited with Camera+ for iPhone 4S


The apple tree at my Grandparents cabin. (Taken and edited with VSCOcam for iPhone 4S).

Thanks for looking!


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